5 Best Online Learning Experiences for Older Adults

Learning a new skill or hobby helps boost your brain health. Neuroscientists have found that engaging in a mentally challenging hobby results in a lasting increase in memory skills, especially for seniors. That’s why the lifelong learning is so incredibly important for successful aging.

Now is the time to use technology more than ever to take advantage of great content and education opportunities! Of course, many online education resources can be hard to navigate, or are consist of a very “home-made” video of a boring professor’s lecture.

We’ve done some browsing and have listed the 5 most interesting, engaging and user-friendly virtual tours and courses below.

1 . Big History

This is apparently Bill Gates’ favorite course, and if it’s good enough for Bill Gates… It’s also totally free!

Historian David Christian created this self-guided, online social studies course, which covers almost 14 billion years of history, starting with the Big Bang.

2 . Vita Story Club’s Online Life Story Workshops

Following a course can be a very solitary experience. If you want to make learning more social, try Vita Story Club’s Online Life Story Workshops. It’s a great option for those who have been thinking about memoir writing or documenting their own life stories.

Vita Story Club makes memoir writing a social activity and doesn’t even require you to put pen to paper! Their curriculum is based on life story conversations with a small group of fellow storytellers, and they audio record and transcribe everything for you. Starting your legacy project has never been more fun and simple. It’s pay per session at $10/workshop.

3 . Take a Virtual Tour of a Museum

Google Arts And Culture have teamed up with several hundred museums and galleries from all around the globe to bring everyone virtual tours and exhibitions of some of the world’s most renowned places. Google’s collection includes such cultural giants as the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, and the British Museum in London. 

4 . Philosophize This! Podcast

This is a podcast is a weekly, 30 minute, monologue-based show discussing “the thinkers and ideas that forged the world we live in”. Host Stephen West does a great job of sharing the ideas that shaped our world in an easy to understand way and linking these ideas to current events.

5. Indigo Art Box Subscription

Receive an art project each month to create your own work of art! From oil pastels to clay to painting, Indigo Art Box introduces you to new materials so that you can learn a new art skill. Each project is also combined with art history videos so that you can learn about historical artists as you explore new materials. Subscription plans are as low as $29/month.