A Life Story

Mar 2, 2020

This was many years ago and I was young and I was single and never had sex with a man. And I met a man and I kind of fell for him and thought he was nice and everything.

And it was a one-two thing, not much at all. But I became pregnant and he had said he would marry me or whatever and he lied. And I don’t know, he could have been married already. So I was afraid of my mother, I was very young. Today I never would have done this, but I decided, and a lot of people did at that time to, to give up my daughter for adoption. So I did that. And my father I think drove me to the city to a place in Brooklyn, over Brooklyn, not Brooklyn. And I thought I would probably have other children and things like that and, what can I say about it? I mean what is it nine years of suffering tremendously and losing her and I eventually I went to find her and I did.

And so far after all these years, she hasn’t been willing to meet with me. So I accept it better than I did before. For nine, how many years after that, I was suffering and suffering and I never had other children. I was never married and so it was very painful experience. She’s successful, she was adopted by this family and the mother was nasty to me. After I had something to tell her and after that she became like cruel, and what she was talking to me about or whatever. She resented me but it’s been a really awful, but I started traveling. I tried to make my life a better life. I’ve never been married. I’m going to say again, I didn’t marry him either, he lied.

So I still now, I’ve been sick, very sick and I forget a lot of my thoughts. I would like to try and contact her again. I’ve done, I have papers and papers of things. I would like to try again. And I feel that if it doesn’t work, I’m not going to be as horrified as I used to be. You know, I’ll accept it. I don’t know if she still feels the same, but she’s successful and she had a family with them.