A Love of Performing

My understanding of the word perform was several events when I felt like I was performing in my life, so I will proceed here. I sang in choirs and then church. I also saying with my daughter Gabrielle like “You Are My Sunshine.” I acted in plays in high school and college. I danced in classes in college. And for the last eight years through OSHA lifelong learning at USM. I golfed, played tennis and archery in college. I got to demonstrate the skill of archery on Parents’ Day because I was so good at that.

I took improv classes through Ali and thoroughly enjoyed it. I laughed in laughter yoga and which has elements of improv. I’ve taken four to five writing classes through Ali and gave readings of my prose and poetry. I had to. I was asked to give a 10-minute speech for my high school graduation. I spoke on the value of all kinds of work. I also spoke a lot over 25 years working as a certified financial planner. I talked to employees of many different companies.

My friend Susanna calls me an influencer because I like to throw ideas out for impromptu responses. I like to embrace my inner fool and let her rip. I feel this gives other people permission to do the same. I think we all perform daily with the energy we give to an event or gathering. We can choose to perform with love from our hearts and lift the experience of being together two levels of joy, my nickname is Joyanna.