A memorable celebration

June 10, 2020

A celebration that stood out in my life was my daughter’s wedding, which was an afternoon wedding on a Sunday, and it was lovely in the sense that my son already had married and had a three year old little boy and he was the ring bearer. And then another little one with a four year old who was the flower girl. And it was just wonderful having them walk down at her wedding. And he didn’t know what to do, he stood in the middle and the people started laughing lightly, he wasn’t sure which direction, and she was pointing to him to go. And it added such a lovely touch, and she would just keep going ahead, and he went on, and it just was… and then he touched the soundboard during the deep service.

But the couple didn’t feel badly that anything was taken from them. In fact they felt that it was a joy to them to have that as part of their way they received life. And so they’re heartwarming moments. My daughter in law was expecting another child at that time. So it was an official, lovely moment of things that had brightened and had been developing and had continued to develop.

And so it reminds me of the self I’ve had and the self that I am. And I have lately welcomed my 12, 13 year old inner self as my companion. That’s why I went back to using Lillian, and I’m having her as a friendly buddy with me since I am living alone during this coronavirus. And I love people, and I love to be around people ,and I love talking with them. So this was a lovely experience, hearing these stories that touched people’s hearts and minds, and I feel good that I was able to share mine.