A Memorable Celebration

Mar 10, 2020

Last May 13th, I celebrated my 90th birthday. Family, friends, business associates, church—everybody—gathered with me just to celebrate the occasion. And it was so beautiful. Especially delightful was the fact that some of my former students–I taught Elementary School in the community for 25 years–came and mentioned that they remembered me because I helped them when they needed help. And this made me feel well what my life is worth something because these people can remember me.

I had friends and family there. And one of the interesting things was my daughter passed away a couple years ago. I have two sons who are living, but I have lots of nieces and they came to make themselves available to help make that celebration the best. We had it in a recently renovated church hall. Most people said they had never seen the hall look that pretty. One of my nephews, who is a DJ, played the music for the party. And we just let people talk all they wanted to, and it was just a wonderful occasion for me. It was wonderful to know that I had lived all those years and I was leaving footprints.

A few of my students came back all grown. A couple of them are teachers. That makes me proud, knowing they’re out there now,helping young people and I know that they’ve got good wisdom because I gave it to them when they were with me. It always delights me to see students joining the teaching profession because the teaching goes on and on. The stuff that you taught them gets taught to others.

It was just marvelous to be surrounded by family and friends. It was one of those things. One day when you pass away, everybody’s going to get together and they’re all going to say all kinds of things, but you won’t be able to share in it. I was able to share this.

So being 90 was glorious.

Another thing that helped make it very nice was that they gave me a lot of monetary gifts. I guess they didn’t know what to get me. So, I was able to go on cruise. And one of my nieces was so kind was to pay my aid’s way so she could go with me. I had someone there with me to help me go from place to place. I got a new motorized wheelchair just so I was able to go the ship. Now, with the way things are, I wouldn’t want to go on a cruise. It was perfect timing.