A Memorable Location

May 13, 2020

My daughter invited me to meet her in Paris, France a year ago, April. She was living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, all of that last year and she’s been living all over the world. In Japan and so forth. So she paid my way to meet her there. I live in Portland, Maine, and we were together for a week.

You know, and just being with her as an adult–she’s 35 now and just an extremely capable successful young woman–meant so much. Just to spend time with her. There were a couple of times. They don’t rush you out of cafes there. And I remember sitting with her especially two evenings, where she shared with me things about her business that I hadn’t known and her dreams for the future. And it felt so good that she shared that.

On the last night before left we went to a cafe and we were talking about things that irritated each because when you’re together for a period of times things come up, and I took notes. I’m trying to learn about these things. But I was able to tell her from my heart that no matter what she said or ever did, I would still love her. That nothing she would do or say could ever stop me from loving her. And I think that–her face, her sweet face just kind of crumpled a little bit like she really deeply felt that. And I needed to say that. It was just deeply meaningful for me. This whole episode of Reimagine that we’re a part of now, I’m 74 and my mom died at this same age 30 years ago. So I’m thinking seriously about the things that are really important. Of course we all are.

We went to cathedrals. We went to the Musée d’Orsay which was lovely. We were there-Notre Dame actually burned down in the middle of our time there, so we were going through some emotional things together. Anyway, it was just deeply meaningful for me.

When I was married, we lived in Hawaii for a couple of years. When you said “Meaningful Hangout,” well, that’s a lovely place to hang out. I love the big island that that has so much diversity. My daughter was in fourth and fifth grade while she was there. Just to see her resilience. She was the only white girl in the class and you know her resilience and getting along with other children. That was lovely to witness. I just love my daughter.

I wasn’t supposed to be able to have children. I had a brain tumor. Once they removed that then I was able to be pregnant.