A Romantic Gesture

June 10, 2020

I had a companion for about a dozen years. And he never gave expensive presents, but he gave very creative presents. So, one year for Valentine’s day, he thought I was going to be at the office in New York city, but it turned out I was home on Long Island because he was in the hospital, but he had sent to the office a Vermont Teddy Bear. Everybody remembers the Vermont Teddy Bear. It comes in a box with his snack, with his toys, with his instructions, and the outside of the box is decorated, the inside of the box is decorated, but it was delivered to the office and I wasn’t at the office. Not only did I get the gift, the whole office got the gift. It’s a good thing there weren’t perishable foods in there for the Teddy bear because I don’t think I went back for at least a week or two, but it was very romantic.

I am a Teddy bear collector. Well, I didn’t intend to have a collection, but I do. When my husband died, I did get a teddy bear of my own that I picked and I’ve kept for comfort. And after that, people started bringing teddy bears. So I have varying sizes in every room.