An Act of Kindness

June 1, 2020

My most memorable day was the day I got on the plane for the first time. That was when I had to leave Nigeria to go to London. I had seen planes in the air, never touched it, never had anyone close to me go on the plane. I didn’t know what to expect. But the ride was good. We’re looking at 55, 56 years ago! They didn’t have these so-called double engines then. The plane at that time used to be a rough ride during take-off and landing. So that was my most memorable day.

As far as romance is concerned – zero. I believe I told you where I come from, my culture. Anything romantic, is out! Your first romance is when you get married. But I do remember, my brother at a very, very old age, my brother, somebody who hasn’t been to Hawaii but likes the hula dance. The sister of my friend, went and made a cake with a hula on the bottom of the cake. The hula skirt! That’s all I could remember of romance! It’s not something that is condoned growing up. At the time. I’m not talking about the current generation. With television, I know that people are exposed to all kinds of things.

The nicest thing that somebody has every done for me? When my application to London was accepted. For the simple reason that going to London was not my goal. But I passed an exam in Nigeria that is taken by the same students in London. A friend suggested that I could go to the British consulate, and that led me to go to London. I did go there. And when I got the letter of approval to work and study. It was very exciting. I don’t know if I slept that day! I would go to a new culture, where I don’t know anybody, other than a former classmate that was there already. So many things in my life, that people have done. Good things for me, that I can’t pinpoint one. They are all very good.