An Extraordinary Day at Work

This is related to New York City Technical College before it became a four-year school. It’s in Brooklyn on J-Street. I warned the students, as they were public speaking, that shouldn’t give us a story about how to make a gun and things like that. And this guy started to talk about something very trivial. All these students were planning on going to four-year schools, so we were trying to prepare them on that kind of level. This young man started to tell us about how he wanted to shave himself.

I gave him a C, and he was so mad at me, but that’s all he deserved because he didn’t meet the criteria. He was so angry. I got a package, during Christmas week. I came home and saw the kids with the Aide and all that, but little did I know that there was going to be an alligator who could barely survive. I said to the kids, “Oh, we better get some water on it or something.” He kind of hobbled along and then he died. We brought him over to the incinerator and that was the end of him. If a student gets mad at you, you never know what you’re going to get in the mail.

They sell them in Florida very cheaply. People wanted to take a little alligator home, so they wrapped them up, packaged them in a little box. The student really wanted a better grade and that was the only thing he could send to me. Many of these kids from that time who went to community college many times did it because they were preparing for a four year school and they didn’t have the prerequisites.