Black Lives Matter

June 8, 2020

Black Lives Matter protest, march planned for Saturday in DeKalb ...
A group of protesters demonstrating in response to the murder of George Floyd in May, 2020. Source:

What makes a big difference is years ago it was our war against them, but now based on the power of video, of the cameras on the cellphones, the world is able to see everything. And so they really can’t deny it was our word against the establishment. I don’t have anything against because we need them. We need to get rid of the bad cops or the justices, the lynching, the killing of New York people, racial profiling. So there is to right now for the work. You do your research.

They can’t hide from what it used to be. So thank god for the young lady that did this video. Every state is involved. So hopefully we will find this solution because I don’t believe anyone is better than me. And I don’t think I am better than anybody. Equal treatment. Respect.