Black Lives Matter

June 8, 2020

Black Lives Matter protest, march planned for Saturday in DeKalb ...
A group of protesters demonstrating in response to the murder of George Floyd in May, 2020. Source:


Well folks, been quiet over there, but I’ve seen this before. I saw this in the 60s, and I’m sure some of you saw it with me. We were fighting for the exact same thing. And we got the exact same thing in return for our efforts. Absolutely nothing. When I I assure you that this time is different. There is an underlying feeling that no one wishes to talk about, but I have the feeling that if this is not properly taken care of and rectified, you’re going to see something that this country in this nation is not ready for. There’s no backing up and people are not afraid anymore.

You see? And someone someone once said on the internet that be thankful that black people are only seeking equality and decent treatment, because when they don’t get it, they decided to go for revenge. You don’t want to see that. That’s 400 years of pent up frustration that’s going to come out all at once, and you don’t want to see that. That’s my opinion of it. You can pray, but they’ll go into church and pray with you and then stand up and shoot you.


It’s going to come to a head and unfortunately, it’s not going to be a pretty sight, because the people in power are not going to give up power that easily. And the reason that you see some restraint being exercised is because this time their own people is in the crowd. If they weren’t in a crowded be a lot more over hand treatment by law enforcement, but they don’t want to hurt their own.

Then as the gentleman said about the video, this is the first time that the oppressor can see what he looks like to the oppressed. He’s actually showing himself to be violent, very disrespectful, doesn’t care. But when it’s shown back to you and when it’s shown back to the people who don’t generally see it or who haven’t witnessed it or experienced it, can kind of push it off to the side, say, “Oh that’s just an isolated incident.” No, it’s not isolated. Black people are born into this. Every day of your life you have to wonder about how you going to act. Who you going to be next to. Who is watching you.

This is your whole life. They talking about how you talk to your children about racism and how to talk to the police. If you’re a black person, once they learn how to read, you don’t have to tell them anything they can see it. And they may not say anything about it. And they may still be children. Children don’t have the full weight of that responsibility but believe me they are being exposed to it from the time they born.

You know prejudice is on our backs before they cut the umbilical cord. That’s how long. This is a systemic issue, you’re not going to get this out. It’s not like you can take a pill and they’ll get cured. No, this is not going to go that way. And people are fed up. I see people my age here. We’re all over 50 at least. Maybe older, older than that. But we are the people who have the information to give the young people of today.

If you want to see who’s going to be really dangerous. This the old people because they seen it before. And they’re going to tell what and what to do.

I have seen this before. I have children. I worry when my son goes out in the street. I worried when my nephews go out in the street. I worry when my sisters go out and that way when the people that I know from the senior citizen homes, when they go on the street, they’re subject to law enforcement because maybe the guy got mad at his wife last night and decided to take it out on somebody else. We don’t know why, but we just get the blunt end of it. Well, we tired of having the blunt end.

I truly believe that with the peace movement going on, this is not going to stop. I have an idea when it’s really going to come to a head, but I’m not gonna say that because I’m not a soothsayer. This is just something that I believe. That it’s not going away quietly.

I know the ladies that know me, they see me shoot pool all the time. I guess they can tell by my demeanor and I’m not a person that’s going take but so much and I am not the only person who has had enough. What good is what good is life if you can’t live your life? I can’t live my life. For someone else to live my life that I can’t live, I’ll give my life. And that’s what’s happening today. People are willing to die, and I mean really go out there and die, and let you know that this is not a joke. We’re tired, you know, it has come to the point where it’s me or you now.

See, this is my uniform. And it’s always been my uniform. Apparently, it has to be because that was the reason that I got such abuse from you. So this is my uniform. That’s your uniform and I’m going to do, like any soldier. He doesn’t fight for any ideology. He fought because that guy’s uniform is different, and he wants to go home. Well, your uniform is different, and I want to live. I don’t know a better way to put it. That’s how I feel personally and a lot of people I feel the same way.