Children Always Make Me Smile

April 7, 2020

Children always make me smile. I don’t have to know them, I just have to see them. And, walking down the street, kids in strollers at very young six months, five months, I try to make eye contact with them, and some kids will just practically lean over and try to make some eye contact. And some people, kids will make eye contact and want to continue the eye contact. Other times, kids just aren’t interested.

Also, kids going on their scooter, some kids will just get off their scooter and say, “Hi,” and try to make some conversation and they just have tremendous sense of humor, tremendous freedom, tremendous … just being naive, and fresh, and alive and wanting to learn and without so much negativity.

I guess, I’m a little child like myself, so I can sort of identify with them. And, they’re just wonderful. I used to volunteer some time at a food co-op in childcare. And, I mean, the questions they ask and one day it was Father’s Day and I said, “Oh”, I said, “Did you wish your father a happy Father’s Day?” And there were two sisters I was talking to, and they said, “Oh, no, we don’t have a father. We have two mothers.” And I mean, they’re just so accepting and so sweet, and kind, and just lovable. So when I see a child, I just smile.