Extraordinary Day

Nov 1, 2019

I can still cry when I think about it, it was so crazy, the day that Kennedy was shot. And we all got the news, and it was around Thanksgiving time. And we were in the office, we were going to be leaving early, I think. And all of a sudden, this noise. And I just remember everybody gathering around and all we could do was cry. And it was like, is this for real? Feel that kind of a way, so extremely, extremely emotional time of it.

And then, this is real intimate, but another day at work, as I was in love with somebody at work that I was dating who was two timing me, and I didn’t know it, with one of the other women. And they … In the same company but on different floors. And I remember the secretary calling me and saying, “I can’t deal with this another second, because I’m extremely fond of you and I don’t care if I get fired for this, but I have to tell you something about my boss and your boyfriend.” And I remember meeting her on a neutral floor, telling me that he had this other girlfriend. And I’m telling you, if the ground could have just opened up and swallowed me, I would have been happy than to get that kind of news. You know what I’m saying?

So, I continued to stay there, whatever the deal is, but he went on to get promoted. Nothing happened to the secretary. I had to still see the other woman because she was friends with the girl who worked right next to me at the desk. And I used to see her come in on Fridays with the bags packed and whatever. Cause they would both go away on weekends. But once I knew that, I knew, but it was just a really … And it ultimately wound up costing me my job because I couldn’t deal with seeing him and seeing them, and I just couldn’t get over it at the time. Now I would go tooth and nail, and the hell with you, you know? But at that point in time, that wasn’t where I was at.

So, you just left your job?

So, that was my … I was asked, did I want to leave?

Yeah, kind of. You know, I really wasn’t coping very well, it was too much for me. It was affecting my job performance and everything. So, that was my most memorable day at work, finding out about the girlfriend with somebody I was totally in love with that I thought I would be marrying, not just-Yeah, it had gone that far, talking of engagement and all that stuff. So, this was a real … what do I even say anymore? Let down.

And then also the … Well, what I found out lately, forgive me, is that he married when he was 54, and he’s living in, forgive me, Sun City, Florida, in a half million dollar home and whatever is going on. And we were able to connect on the YouTube, looking like a million dollars and whatever. So, he’s happy, and he settled, and he’s whatever I’m going to say. What can I tell you? But the one that got away, you know, you have other feelings for people, but there’s always like, I think maybe one particular person that you would’ve considered life with. You know, other people, give or take. So, memorable day at work.

I can picture it like it’s … Ugh, if the floor opened up. I wanted to just not be there anymore, you know what I mean? So, don’t be in love that much anymore. Nobody’s worse it. Nobody’s worth it.