Extraordinary Day

Nov 1, 2019

Well, I used to work for a boss, he was a bully. Everybody was afraid of him in the job, but I wasn’t afraid of him. Everybody was because he used to make a mistake and he would blame the person. So he told me what to do one day. I did it, turned out wrong, but he told me to do it. So then he said, “You know, Yolanda, you did it wrong.” I said, “No, you told me to do it that way.” Then he’d say, “Oh no I didn’t.” I said, “Oh yes you did.” It so happened that he had been brought up with the mobs as a teenager. He got that toughness. He had that toughness in him all his life. He had to be the boss. So I told him no. We argued back and forth and everybody was looking. We argued back and forth. He knew I wasn’t afraid of him. People used to tremble. They used to be so afraid of him.

I wasn’t so then he tells me, he grabs me by the neck softly, but he grabbed me by the neck and I had a sweater, a heavy sweater, and I folded it and I hit him on his butt. So he turns around and we bust out laughing.

Well, he became my best friend. We became friends forever. Then he went off to be a bigger boss. I always used to work with him until I retired.We became friends because he knew I wasn’t afraid of him. And I knew what I was doing. He respected me and we both laughed at the incident because he didn’t choke me hard. He just grabbed me. So I hit him on his butt. I folded the sweater. He turns around and we laugh. We got hysterical. I know. We became the bestest..I have pictures, we have pictures of each other. He moved to Florida. We still connect.