Extraordinary Day

Nov 1, 2019

I was travel to Indonesia. After then, I go to after stone, I go to the …is the wood. How is called …walking..or some there-

I don’t know. And there’s a dropping, after then, this color, water color is so, so is not…clean After then, I come down and somebody picked me. If not, I die.

Oh, you fell into-Like a well?

Water, water.

Indonesia.. I didn’t know this was a hole.

Oh, you fell through a bridge? It was like, a wood bridge?

Yes. Yes.

And you fell through it? Wow.

But it was good, I was…This one, this one, looks like I am in a hole.

The bridge had like, stands on the bottom. You fell through the hole and you held on to like a post.

Yeah, I fall. I’m here.

Were you young?

Oh yes, I not too young, but I was helpless.


Indonesia, I travel Indonesia.

Was during work, you were on a trip?

I travel. Travel.

On vacation? Some vacation…