Favorite Teacher

Feb 2, 2020

I never had a favorite teacher, but I did like my math teacher. I liked her. She was a nice woman. She was a smart lady and she made me understand what she was teaching. I was very good at algebra and math when I was younger. I loved English too. I can’t remember my english teacher that much. I wouldn’t say I was a great student. I would forget things easily. I went to school because I had to. I wasn’t crazy about school. I didn’t like history because i couldn’t remember dates. But I never misbehaved in school.

I had two dogs when I grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. I guess we overfed them and they died. We were young and we didn’t know how to take care of them. I had an older sister and we got along. But you know, we fought like all children. We never hurt each other. We were taught never to hit. I was taught to be a good person.