Social Distancing ≠ Being Antisocial: Five Meaningful Questions to Ask Your Loved Ones

On an average week (pre-pandemic), the workshop facilitators at Vita Story Club travel to living facilities, senior centers, and nursing homes all over Brooklyn and Manhattan to conduct what we call “Life Story Workshops.” In these workshops, one of our facilitators sits with a group of roughly ten older adults and asks a couple of prompts. As the participants—who we refer to as our “storytellers”—tell their stories, our facilitator records and later transcribes them. The finished stories and audio recordings then get posted onto our password-protected online platform, for the storytellers and their loved ones to access at their leisure. We like to think of this platform as somewhat akin to “your grandmother’s blog.”

We encourage those of you who—in light of current events—have some extra time on your hands, to spend some of it recording your loved ones’ stories using the Vita Story Club model for inspiration. And no need to leave your house to buy fancy equipment, because the audio-record feature on your smart phone should work just fine!

Here are some of our favorite prompt questions to get you started:

If you or your family members would like to explore more questions like this—and get your loved one’s stories professionally recorded and transcribed—sign up for our brand new online storytelling workshop! Vita Story Club is offering free trial sessions on Wednesday, March 25th and Thursday, March 26th at 2pm. Workshops begin on April 1. Space is limited to 10 participants per workshop, so sign up as soon as you can!

Check out this page to sign up or for more information.