Greatest Celebration

June 10, 2020

The most memorable celebration for me is my son’s Bris. So it was not just the traditional party. It was also the culmination of a journey of trying to have a child. And it was an acknowledgement of reaching a goal. I had a child, with acknowledgement that the traditions still held, even though he wasn’t a biological child. It was the happiest I can remember being – it was on that day.

And I remember I was really struggling because traditionally a Bris is on the eighth day of life but his was on the 18th. And that was because when he was born, he had some meconium staining. It’s a medical condition in neonates that they tested in the hospital a little longer. And then, because it was an out of state adoption, there was some question about how we could be legally bound as his parents, and then be able to have this essentially medical procedure, even though it’s traditional procedure.

And, so then we got it on the 18th day and the number 18 is, for Jews, is a very lucky number because two letters that make the number Moonlight. So for me, having the Bris despite being late and having to have it also with the… It’s very interesting that we had to have it with Beth din, which is the Jewish court. Because we needed the observers as part of a traditional conversion to Judaism because he wasn’t born to me. He wasn’t born to a Jewish mother.

So it was many things, it was a culmination of so many things. And I remember I ordered smoked fish from LA because we couldn’t get really good smoked fish in San Francisco. And, I made Rugelach, very traditional, and it was just very joyous. We had 70 people in the apartment. The party went on for a number of hours.

The most memorable celebration… I can still remember to this day. My son will be 24 on August 1st.

My family was overjoyed. Unfortunately, my mother was too sick to come and my sister was caring for her. So she didn’t come. My older brother didn’t come by my younger brother came, so I had my younger brother there and he’s the sibling I’m closest to anyway. So it was nice to have them there. And of course the, the family of choice, the friends that you make over time. Lots of kids. It was a first time experience for a lot of people in the neighborhood with Bris. So I think they were a little surprised when there was an actual snipping of a foreskin! I think they were a little shocked that it actually did happen in that way. It was great. It was great. You know the interesting thing is, right after that, a friend stopped with a baby from China, and that was my first Red Egg and Ginger party. That was when I really learned a lot of different cultures and welcoming new babies into different cultures.