Greatest Historical Event

Feb 25, 2020

Well, I think about when the World Trade Centers were bombed. And how it affected so many people. And even today, it’s still affecting people and I was sitting…I remember I was sitting outside and I live in Far Rockaway, so I was sitting outside and someone came in, said that the you know the World Trade Centers had been…and it was so funny because a couple of days earlier I had went there for job interview! And it was so coincidental that at that particular time that I went to, you know, for the job interview and then to come to find out that these things had happened. And now all the people, and even up to today, the people are still affected by that tragedy that happened. So that’s my remembering and how it affected people, everything, and downtown… ohit was horrible here in Manhattan. The air was so thick and it was just so sooty because of the buildings. And not having them there to be able to look out over the East river not see them there anymore. We all lived through that one. But even the firefighters and police and even the pedestrians are still suffering from diseases from that, from that situation. Everybody in my family was safe. Except for the smoke, but other than that everybody weathered that storm.

I think of the World Trade Centers, but I think about Sandy more, because I was sitting right where I’m sitting right now and I could see the water raging, coming towards… And that was another one that took up the Rockaways. Tore up the boardwalk, tore up everything and it was so funny because they had asked me to evacuated the day before. And I was like, no, I’m not leaving my cats in here. So, the Coast Guard or Red Cross or somebody came to the door and they wanted me to leave. And I said, “No, I’m not going. I’m staying here.” And we didn’t have electricity for almost, almost 30 days. We didn’t have no light no electricity and my stove had broke, maybe a week prior to the storm. So it was freezing in here. It was like the waters came up to the basement apartment. I live on the second floor, but the mildew… and the next day, when the water receded, it was sandy, I guess that’s why they called it Sandy, because it was sand everywhere. And people were looking for their, especially the people that live down in the basement apartments were looking for their family members to make sure that all of them had got out. And we didn’t have no telephone service. We didn’t have anything. The Red Cross came and would give us ration meals and we fair weathered again through that storm, but it wasn’t nice out here in the Rockaway..and I was looking at the water coming. I said, “Oh, God. Here we go.”