Greatest Historical Event

Feb 25, 2020

What is the most important thing in mind, it came to me immediately, it was the end of World War Two. All our loved ones were away and we were working when the European theater of war ended, we were working and we worked in an office and they close the whole building down, everything was just with tears of joy and mixed sorrow and everything else. And everybody had loved ones away. And then what was a month or two later, when the Japanese. There was the bombing of Hiroshima and our dear ones who were in the South Pacific…we were so thankful for that. And it really was the most important time of my life because all our loved ones were away. And we look forward for them coming home and my brother was in the South Pacific, and he had come home on an emergency furlough about two and a half years before that, my dad passed away. And when he came home, he was sent overseas in that. Meantime, my, my sister in law became pregnant, so he didn’t see his son until his son was two and a half years old. And the whole thing…and my sister’s husband was a prisoner of war on Germany, and he was missing in action for about nine months before he found that he was a prisoner, and it affected our lives so that stays in my mind. It’s like, the most important thing that happened. I know I’m married with children and grandchildren, but that was just, not the socks off. The actual feelings that you had at that time were just overwhelming.

When my brother came back, he saw this two and half year old child. Just tears, mostly tears, my mom. And so we were very close family anyway and it was very exciting. Very exciting. This one was coming home. I mean it was just crazy, just crazy.

After the war, you know, everybody fell into sync. My brother got a job, and my brother in law was in hospital over two and a half years because he was he was a prisoner of war, but his tank was blown up. He came home on a hospital ship during the World War Two. And it had a big red cross on it, so no one bombed that ship. It was a hospital in Staten Island, and it was very emotional and very taxing. I think that that will stay in my mind forever, the sadness and the happiness of having loved ones come back.

Now, we used to have to close the lights, air raid training and we had darken the house, even here where we were safe really. It was a crazy time. And when it was announced that the war ended, my office closed, the girls in the office went to Manhattan. There was so much going on. People who didn’t know each other were kissing each other. It was so happy! And two months later, the Japanese were bombed and the war ended. Incredible.