Historical Event

June 3, 2020

I would have to say that the world event that really upset me and got me much more politicized even than Vietnam did… And Vietnam certainly did get me politicized to some extent, because I heard about Napalm and I heard about a lot of the things that were going on with the soldiers, and how they were refusing to fight, and so forth. The most, the one that really got to me was when Allende was murdered in Chile, that was 1973. I was hearing about it a lot. I think the day after it happened, I was scheduled to have an abortion, and I went to have the abortion. The same afternoon, I went to a meeting that was held about the situation in Chile.

I went and I said to the people, “I usually wouldn’t ask you this, but can I please have a chair to stay in this meeting because I’ve just had a medical procedure?” They let me sit down. Obviously, it meant a lot to me if I was willing to go out that soon, and then I started to go to meetings and became involved with the Central America issues, starting with Chile and going up.

I would go to meetings where there were people who had survived being tortured in Chile, and then later, Salvador, and Guatemala, and so forth. I would hear the stories firsthand, maybe secondhand because maybe there would be a translator, so I would not really be hearing it firsthand, but I would be hearing it live as the person was talking. That is what got me most involved – the personal human communication.