Lonely Teardrops, Jackie Wilson

Mar 2, 2020

My oldest brother tried to sing this song all the time. He sounded a little like him. He’s okay at singing. He’s 6-8 years older than me. That was years back. He would sing it all the time. His name is William. He used to think he was the best and all that junk. He would dress ice. He thought he was Mr. Big Stuff. He had jive and everything else. He had a lot of girls.

My mother wouldn’t allow him to bring them over to our house. He always had nice girls. I don’t know how they liked him, but he always had nice ones. He got married a long time ago. I had a choice to go to my brother’s wedding or go to Jersey and I chose Jersey. My cousins and friends in Jersey took me shopping and all over. I had a good time but later I think I wished I would’ve gone to his wedding.

When I was young the older people used to like Sam Cooke. My mom and my uncle. They all used to like Sam Cooke. When he was younger, he would sing spiritual and when he got older, he would sing rock and roll. He was very talented, Sam Cooke. She’d listen as she was cooking. I listened to him when he played rock and roll. I loved rock and roll. I still do.