Lonely Teardrops, Jackie Wilson

Mar 2, 2020

I was a teenager when the song came out. I danced with guys. A lot of them are long gone. I only dated my husband. Not like they do these days. We met in high school, through his cousin. We’re all from the same hometown. I was friends with his cousin.

When I’d go out dancing, I’d wear a dress, a skirt and blouse.

I was a teenager when I’d listen to Sam Cooke. I’d listen with my sisters and brothers. We’d listen in the living room. We had a record player. My parents let us listen on their record player. My favorite was “Bring it on Home.” When a new song came out by him, I’d still like that one. One of my sisters is very religious so she wouldn’t listen to stuff like that.

She was religious, my sister Hattie. There was nine of us. Seven girls and two boys. I was somewhere in the middle. We didn’t fight, not really. Some of them would argue but I wasn’t one to argue.