Memorable Celebration

Feb 20, 2020

I guess a party that sticks in mind was recently I turned 70. I’m 73 now, so it was just three years ago.

I wanted to do a big party, but I wanted to make it sort of a fundraiser. So I got together with some other people, and came up with the idea of doing a 70s party. We had three people who were turning 70 within a short period of time, and so the party was in honor of the three different people. We did it at Mark Morris. The steaks there, they gave us for free. Of course everything was going fine except then when it was time to actually open the space and go in and set up the tables and everything, they had a dance program in there. And we had spent months organizing. We had the tables outside the door of the space with table cloths on and decorated ready to roll in. Luckily, my friend Jose, who’s really a great planner and putting things together, he helped me with that.

We had a DJ that did music from the 60s. We had decorations that were all like peace signs and all, that was brought in for that little party we had here on a Friday. It was hosted 60s, and I brought some of the stuff in for that. We had a big peace sign. My friend, she made an arch, it really looked like it was made in the 60s, because it was falling apart. It was made out of pieces of tissue paper that were hanging this way and that way. It really was funny. It was a creative party. We even had their picture taken in that. It was about 10 or 12 feet high. Down on both sides was fabric hanging. It was really fun. And people dressed up, wore tie dye shirts. The spread of food was really good. We had the food on the tables, and that was just catered, so we didn’t have a lot of work cleaning there.

We were getting the space for free, so we got bumped kind of. It was only for about a half hour or 45 minutes. We were only given three hours for the party, so we took an hour getting it set up. Then we had to be ready to just roll it in and get it going. That’s what we did, but it was a great party. Everybody still talks about it.

We catered in hummus and salad, and big cake of course. I don’t really remember all the foods. We went to this deli, this bagel place on Fulton Street. They did us a very well, good job. So there were little bagel sandwiches, that people could pick up. With Parkinson’s you shake and spill your food all over. It had to be things you could pick up and eat easily, and it worked out.

There were two other people at the party from this group, and one lady now moved upstate, she with her daughter, and the other fella was in an assisted living place. He’s almost losing his mind, sort of. It was good we partied while we could. It was fun because they’re all dancers, so with the music, everyone was going around with big stars, and we had these balls to throw back and forth, and tambourines. It was like a real party.