Most Joyful Day

Jan 27, 2020

Most joyful day, the morning that I was going to look at an apartment for the first time. But because I was not able to walk properly because my pants kept sliding down, they assumed that I wouldn’t be able to make it out the house if the aid came. So sad part about it is I never got the apartment.

The second one, have you ever taken a huge risk? Yes. Same thing with the apartment, it’s a risk to take the apartment, but because the way I walked, they didn’t give me the apartment. So yes, I would just that close. I went to see the apartment, touch my hand on it, prayed on it, and I still didn’t get the apartment. They gave it away to somebody else.

I filled out a paper saying do not give this apartment to anybody else and they gave to somebody else. I never got the apartment.

It was in Brooklyn in my old neighborhood in Crown Heights and that was in a Jewish area. I’m familiar with St John’s Place, and Schenectady, and the park, and everything. And I never got it because I was always sick and I went in the hospital so they took me off the list and that was it.

It had two bedrooms. I was going to share with somebody. I had to share the kitchen, share the refrigerator. Nice, I just had to climb up a little bit of stairs, and it was on the first floor. I didn’t need no elevator. But I never got it because the devil stepped in and took it away.

Would you like to look at your apartment? And I say, “Yes.” Got dressed and everything, but then my pants kept sliding down because the aide didn’t dress me properly. I kept saying, “Wait a minute!” And then I’m pulling my pants up and sliding back down. So we was fighting with the pants and I never got the apartment.