Most Memorable Celebration

Mar 10, 2020

What sticks in my mind is one Easter Sunday about 37 or 38 years ago. I was one of four siblings and my mother lived in a two-family house with my sister who had a husband and a child. And anyway, we’re a family of five. I have three sons, and they were coming over for dinner. I had the table set. We’re Italian so we had ravioli. My one sister is a widow was going with her son to New Jersey, and she called up. She goes, “Bea-Bea, you know, I just don’t feel like making the trip to New Jersey, so I think I’ll come over.” I said, “Fine. Come over.”

A little while later, my brother calls, “Bea-Bea, you know, we have to go to Charlie’s house, and I’m just–I think we’re going to come to your house.” No sweat. So anyway I re-set the table and said, “Frank, go out and get more ravioli.” And my mother was there and after dinner, we were playing a stupid card game with pennies and I told my mother, “Ma, you’re gonna be 90 and a couple of weeks and you have your four children here. How blessed are you?” and I kissed her. And we were having a great time. It was like we were meant to be together because a few weeks later, my brother dies of a massive heart attack.

By the end of the month, my mother died. And it was like God meant us to be together for the last time and it was wonderful. I said, “Ma, look you’ve got four children here. How wonderful.” And she was smiling. And that stays in my mind all the time like it was deemed that we were going to be together for the last time, because we didn’t know but God knew. It stays in my mind all the time.