Near Death Experience

Feb 3, 2020

I’m going to talk about my mother’s near death experience. It was after my… I think one of my brothers’ births. I think the next thing was that… They say after they give birth, sometimes they relive this whole experience and it’s very bad physically for them. My mother had one of those and she was really, really very sick, to the point that we had to call a priest to give the last prayers.

My mother began to get cold, starting with her feet. Her feet got very cold and it went up, up, up, and up. My father and all of us were around her, being very, very scared. She just got colder and colder. So we just were very afraid that my mother was going to die or something. After a while that everybody was there, hoping, wishing that my mother would return.

The priest came, and prayed, and did the ritual and then all of us were there, sad and we… Everybody had to be just quiet. And suddenly, after a little while, I don’t know how long it was that she was like that, but obviously she was still alive. But she wasn’t talking, she wasn’t showing any signs, you know? Suddenly she just began to get warmer from her feet again, you know? A little warmer and warmer and warmer. And then, when she gained consciousness, she looked at everybody in the room and she smiled. And then, we were very happy at that point because people, our own close people, also came and everybody was really afraid. This happened in our town, Chinchero, where we lived.

When she awoke and she told us the story, she said that she saw a man, older man with white beard came to her and guided her to follow him. And she went following, this is probably her spirit, I don’t know… followed him and they reached to, they passed a big tunnel and they reached the end of the tunnel, and there was this other man sitting there, who was really somebody who was wise. That’s what she says, I’m just repeating what she told us. He looked very, very wise. He said to this man, after observing my mother, she was not supposed to be here. “You have to take her back.” So the man came back with her, and as she, as he arrived to where she was, that’s when she woke up.

And that’s when she realized she wasn’t, of course, she didn’t feel anything. When she followed this person, she was happy. Obviously, it was her spirit, not her body. And you know, everybody was so amazed, because my mother, who we were thinking, everyone was thinking that she was dying. Maybe she was dead already, but everybody was here: all her children, and my father, and the neighbors; everybody including the priests. So it was really amazing that my mother made it to come back and tell the story. It’s really something that, you know, we all were amazed.