Neighborhood Stories

Feb 5, 2020

I grew up in a very nice neighborhood, way up in the mountains. The name is La Paz, Bolivia. And the neighborhood is Obrajes. And I loved that neighborhood, because a long time ago the people used to use good education, like, saved their money, the deepening. The values of La Paz was different than they are now.

And when I was child, I was very happy because I was with my parents. My sister, brother, and I went to the school. But in the school, I learned that very nice hobby, you know, knitting, which I love very much now. But my parents didn’t want me to learn that hobby, because they say that is not good. But today I find out it is like an addiction.

Yeah, so because if you know knitting, your family [can craft] different items with very cheap wages. It is not very valuable, like when you buy in the store.

I think that’s when I learned that I used to love traveling. And I traveling for different places, like Europe. I met different kind of peoples with different cultures. And there were French, Australian, English, Italian, Spanish, and Hungarian. I traveled all around then I want to change. I loved also to learn languages. And then I changed places, like U.S.A., because I wanted to learn English. I flew to America and it’s very hard–the system of living is very hard–in America. Not like in Europe.

In Europe, the people have a different kind of mentalities. And America have different kind of mentality..

But in the way I was, when I was adopted, I was learn English, find friends, and make my family and have a daughter, very young daughter, which I am very happy. And now I am a senior. Is I am still enjoying the life. I came to New York 50 years ago. And it seems yesterday, I came.