On Family

Jan 16, 2020

My parents have 11 children all together. One, the first little boy after five girls, died at three years old and then another boy, then another girl and like that it was like 11 children. So I grew up, “and how are you different from the family you grew up with?” There were too many people in the house. And there was no room for me anymore. I was the middle child. Being the middle child, you always wear somebody else’s clothes and nobody pays you attention because the older ones have more attention. The younger ones, you are the needle, you’re abandoned to your own mercy. So I did not want to have that kind of a life. That’s how I’m different from them.

So I definitely, when I got married, planned to have just two children. That’s what I have, a girl and a boy and now grow up from, they have their own lives and stuff. And they both always, 100% of my attention. I never really abandoned any of them. I was with them day and night and throughout their lives as they grew older because I also separated from my husband. So I raised them by myself and working hard and yeah, I was a very devoted parent and mother. I was very much involved in their school, so I did a lot of things.

But, however I had a lot of traits of my father and my mother, they had their own ways of doing things to survive. My mother was this strong woman, strong real woman. She built a house, I mean not with her hands, but hired other people to do it. But she had planned the whole house, so all her children would live under that roof. She never knew how we’re going to end up in different countries and, so mother assigned these rooms in this building, this house, this is for this one, this is for this one, this is for… everybody had a room, but she thought we were going to meet there forever, but we never did actually. You didn’t even, I was the one that moved out of the house first.

I left Peru. Actually, I came here and it was difficult to leave that life. I suffered tremendously because I miss it, generally. And my mother passed knowing that all of her children went different ways to lead their own lives. So my older sister came here and then she brought me and my second sister went to Bolivia, she got married to someone and then they lived in Bolivia. My older sister and like that, but they were not together as my mother dreamed, you know…