On Family

Jan 16, 2020

Well, my parents didn’t go to college, my sister and I did. I think we had different aspirations for life. My father’s words to me about growing up was “Marry a nice Jewish boy and be happy.” Period.

Which I didn’t. Well I got happy.

That makes me and my sister different from our parents. And I was different from my sister too growing up. I’m much nicer than she was. Oh, she was Phi Beta Kappa. She did a lot more intellectual things than I did, but I did nicer things than she did.

Well, In the 90s, I rented rooms on the second floor house in Brookline to people with AIDS for about five years. So that was pretty nice. As my sister said, “Oh, you’re just like George Bush’s 1000 Points of Light.” Which I thought was a strange reaction. That was in the early nineties. At that point AIDS was very frightening. These guys had no money, they had part time jobs because they were somewhat ill, they couldn’t hold full time jobs, so they were short of money. So I could offer really cheap rent, but ultimately it didn’t really work. They needed more help than I was able to give them, more support, more social services.