On Laughter and Art

April 15, 2019

I discovered I had a talent for art. I drew a figure, a simple figure, of somebody ice-skating, just with balloon shapes. It appeared in an art show at Macy’s. I was a kid, about 7 or 8 years old. It actually appeared in two places, in Macy’s and in the Brooklyn Museum. It was a show about talented children.

My father went to the Philadelphia Museum School of art. I inherited my talent from him. I passed it to my son, Paul. And he passed it on to his son Thomas.

There was one time I laughed super hard – it was when I was watching Charlie Chaplin in a film at the Museum of Modern Art. He cut a potato in half and he had a fork in each half of the potato. And he made it dance. I thought it was hysterical. A dancing potato. This was in the film The Gold Rush. He was in a cabin, frozen in Alaska. I thought he was a total genius. He was called “Charlo” throughout the world. He was the most famous comedian. He was super short, he was married when he was older, to a famous actress called “Paulette Goddard.” She appeared in funny movies.