On Marriage

April 22, 2019

We used to go to a place called Shopsin’s Deli on the Upper East Side, near where I lived. We used to get pastrami sandwiches. Not bad. I went out with my future husband there. We’d go on dates there.

Well, there were two things. The first was a former boyfriend who was a writer for the Saturday Review. He wrote me love poems. I thought that was pretty good.

And my husband, when he wanted to intrigue me, did something very unusual. He bought me an umbrella from Uncle Sam’s Umbrella Shop in Manhattan, because he wanted to get on the good side of me. It was beautiful! It was a big umbrella, an English silk umbrella. I thought an English silk umbrella, the sexiest thing I could possible have! And then I forgave him for whatever he had done.

I was married for 50 years, and no one told me, that it can get boring. I mean really! For 50 years, the same person, it gets a bit boring.