Well one time I was home in Georgia, home the summer my great Uncle. He came from Augusta to visit the family because he had a business up in there, a barber shop, no a tailor. So he came home and he got in the living room. We have a big baby grand piano. It’s two of us. So he had something else to do, you know, but he said, “Well, you’re going to play the piano today,” one sat at the right and one sat at the left and he the middle way from where I had to sit. And he played it. He said, “Oh, your hands look beautiful.” He turned to me and said “Your hands look beautiful. Come on, we’re going to play.” And he played Rock of Ages and Glory to God and whatnot. And then he played many other verses and whatnot.

Because we’re all religious and all, when we left there and came back to New York, I think I was already 13 then, I was already baptized and what not there. And I came back to rehearsal. You know, you sing in the choir and this and that You had to practice. And they had a big organ and what not.

Then when we had the anniversary you know for the youth. Everybody gets a gift and even some don’t get a gift. And then after that, oh you might rehearse, say for Palm Sunday. But you had to practice. And we had to study for certain verses and everything. When you’ve got to give a recital to the audience and to this and that and whatnot.

And school and the seminary in Brooklyn, you sing in the choir and at the last semester, you know, from the last semester to the seminary where you come in and out, to have a big ordinance and who have a part here and who have a part here. And I had most of the parts. Yeah, what is this? You know? This is a surprise! When the principal give away, you know do the sermon, you know, in this world, you know you’re leaving here but you’re going to a different world of mankind and womankind… this language is the best.