In my church, we have young adult choir. I will, along with the choir, perform different solos, different songs, church songs to sing with the group. We also went out to each other’s house to rehearse. We also had dinner and we got along. We also paid dues. After a while, some of us didn’t pay dues, but I found myself paying dues. We knew we were gathering on nothing. After a while, the choir broke up and then somebody maliciously took some paint. And while the choir robes were hung up, they tried to paint all over the robes. So we had no robes, after a while, to perform with. When we went back into the room, it was all paint. Some vicious person put paint all over the robes. The devil is always in the church. And the devil always busy in here, in the church and everywhere else. So, that was sad. So, after a while, the choir had to disband.