Speaking Up

Aug 19, 2019

Did you ever join a protest or a march to further a political message?

I marched against somebody called Senator Joseph Mccarthy. He was a red-baiter. Well, I thought he was a red-baiter. A red-baiter is someone who thinks everyone is a Communist. He was attacking people for being Communist. His assistant was named Roy Cohn. So I took to the streets. I went with my friends because red-baiting was anti anyone who didn’t believe what others in the United States believed in. We weren’t Communists, we just didn’t like what they were doing. The two men I’m talking about ended up going to prison. So it was for a good reason. We were vindicated.

Have you ever had to stand up for yourself?

Oh, all the time. When I started working, women were not paid an equal wage as men. I thought I was working as hard as any man. So I stood up to get the same pay as a man got for the job I was doing. And it worked out. I was always very well paid, since I was in the arts. When you’re an artist and you’re independent, you have talent, so you’re well paid for what you do. It’s different from being a secretary, which is fine. But I felt I deserved to be paid as much as any man for doing what I do. I got my raise. I worked in an industry where I was lucky – I had specific talents, so I always did very well. I did not feel nervous about asking for my raise. I just went and got what was mine! I’m very confident. I think that’s very helpful when you’re working on a job. My mom worked her whole life. And she always fought for exactly what she wanted. So that’s what I did.