Tales from the Paper Route

April 7, 2020

When I was 12 years old, I was a newspaper delivery boy. This happened inside the small town. I went to this house with a customer and delivered her paper and a big dog came out to greet me. She was a very big, furry dog, and had the best of humors. I petted her and started talking to her for a while.

And then there came a small dog about the size of a large Chihuahua from the house and she was exactly the opposite personality. And so she started barking. The big dog didn’t know what to do and finally the big dog joined her, and the big dog bit me on the leg. It broke the skin quite a bit. I got on my bike and left that house.

I went down the highway and got to my brother’s house and I delivered his paper to him and his wife. His wife said, “You look nervous.”

And I said, “Well a dog, she just bit me!”

And she said, “Well can I see it?” So I pulled up the hem of my pants and it was a great big tooth mark. She put some antiseptic on and that evening she called my mother and my mother called the family who owned the dog. They finally agreed to watch the dog, and if it went rabid to let us know.

And that’s it. I never saw either of those dogs again. I would just throw the paper near that house and go on.