The Definition of Beauty

June 17, 2020

I went to Detroit in March for my three weeks worth of babysitting duty. Not for her, the little one’s younger sister. And my sister, who’s an excellent cook, and another one of her friends wanted to, the one on the left-hand side, wanted to learn how to make Parker House rolls. The young lady who is in the forefront on the right-hand side is a baker. She makes cakes and rolls and bread that, Oh, I’d pay for it, if I was in Detroit.

So one day while I was there my sister–that’s the one in the back, that’s my baby sister, that’s the one that can pluck my last nerve and take me to the highest of heights, but she’s mine–decided that she was going to have Renee come over and give them a lesson in making these rolls. So I have all these videos and pictures of them making a roll.

And looking at answering the question, I looked up the word beauty, because you hear this thing, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, and it’s about form and completeness, and pie ratios and all of this other stuff. And this is prior to me selecting this photograph. And then I came across something that talked about emotional beauty is just emotional wellbeing. And that caused me to remember something that I heard that said, “Beauty,” I don’t know if it was beauty or art, “connects us to the divine.”

So when I saw this picture I said, “Now that’s beauty.” Because, just the love and the care. And it’s generational because that’s my great niece. That’s my one, two, my second great niece. And she wanted to be involved and she can’t cook, she can’t stir, she can’t read, but they included her in this cocoon of care. So they would let her do little things like push the butter off or something just to let her know that, “You are a part of this.” And the beauty for me was just, I remember watching them and taping them and laughing with them. And my soul was just so full. There’s something about family and friends and children and love. And for me, this picture just kind of brings it all together.

And that’s beauty. Yes, I looked at–I love trees. I like taking photographs of trees and sunsets. And as I was looking through my photos, I said, “Oh, that’s nice. That’s nice.” And I have a really nice one of the sun coming behind the tree. We did a sunrise tour of a golf course when we were in Hawaii on one of our trips. And it, even in my humble opinion, it is beautiful in terms of form and color and things like that. And there’s emotional substance because I was there with my sister. And as you know, I’m kind of fond of her, but it did not have the emotional content that for me, was beautiful as this one does. And by the by, the bread was delicious. So, I enjoyed this question.

I enjoyed this question because it causes me to reflect. I think for me, beauty is found in meaningful relationships with people who challenge you to grow, who give you correction when necessary, who, you down on the floor and they don’t know what to do they lay down on the floor with you. And it’s just this unconditional, unadorned, just pure love. And there’s also something about sharing food. There’s something, I don’t know, I don’t have the words for it, but one of the things that’s true for all these ladies is that, if you’re with them and you’re in their home, you’re going to eat and you’re going to eat well. And to have a youngin, that’s a little one, just experience that and be in the presence of that love, what that does to her. She’s already independent and vocal, but just to know that there are people around you that will love you and protect you and teach you and guide you, to me that’s beauty. That’s beauty.