The Neighborhood I Grew Up In

May 6, 2020

I grew up in Brooklyn. I remember it not being as crowded as it is now. Hardly did you hear fire trucks racing up and down the streets. or police sirens. It was a much more quiet and safe time. Shootings was not occurring. People were more merrier, and not hostile to each other. Neighbors gathered more in a friendly manner. And there seem to be always a sense of laughter circulating.

The nights were dark, safe for children to play and for parents to sit on the stoops. The nights were beautiful. Lights from near by windows lit up the nights. Lighting bugs flying high and low brought light to the nights too. And you could look up and see the stars back then. In the mornings you could smell fresh coffee and baked rolls roaming the halls, and fresh milk was delivered right to the doors. Doctors made house call visits, and house doors were never locked. And when it snowed it was so much that it stayed around to the next season. The only thing that did not change was Mr. Softee the ice cream truck. His songs to this day remains the same.