The Story I Want to Tell You

June 17, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a child who wanted to be a singer. He tried making songs every day, writing down his ideas and setting them to music. First, he would write the poems. Then try to set them to a tune. This did not work. Then he tried the opposite. He wrote the melodies, then tried to put in the lyrics. This also did not flow. He was frustrated, to say the least. Then he had a dream. In the dream, he saw colors. In the dream, he saw animals. Because it was nighttime, they were huddled in the safety of their homes. Instead of frolicking in the forest and having fun. He saw people alone in their homes. Isolated. They were sad. Then he saw the ocean. And the moon. As the moon spun around the earth, it’s gravity was influencing the oceans and forming tides. The ocean’s waves were kissing the shore. Then as the earth revolved on it’s axis, night became day and everyone—the animals and the people, came out from their shelters to work and play. The birds sang their songs and spring was in the air. This child then knew that life was about interconnection and rhythms. That’s what his efforts were missing. Life is musical, and when he realized this, he began to sing his songs with feelings. Whereas he once had thoughts, now he had emotions too. And this is how he became a success!