Two Joyful Days

Mar 10, 2020

The most joyful day that I can that I can remember was the birth of my great grandchildren. I was there when my granddaughter’s mother, when she had her, and I was there when my granddaughter had her two sons.

And I mean it was I was in the birthing when she had the first one to watch him crown in everything we went through the whole thing. I wasn’t able to be there for the second because I had to stay home to watch her two-year-old. When I was there three hours later and he is a gorgeous baby so now he has two. I have two great-grandsons and I was there for the birth of them. I told them, I said, “Make sure that you get my smell because now you can see me, but you’ll know me when you get a chance to know who I am.”


And the other joyful day is being on this computer. This was the best thing that they could have ever done: Connecting all of us together. And each and every day with each class that they give us, with each facilitator that comes on. It is such a joy and it’s such a pleasure to know that we are not connected by friendship.

We became a family. And each one of us love each other and we stay together and we have classes together and we respect each other and we look out for each other like if we don’t see Sarah, we ask about her. You just heard me asked about Janice. That’s mother Myrtle. That’s our Monarch. She’s our chief leader. And then we got Bea, you know. Each one of each one of them. Bea, Mother Myrtle, Sarah. All of them are pillars. We’re babies compared to them. So with us being their babies, they nurture us so that we can be able to know that they run our lives and they teach us. We just march behind them, just like the little ducks behind the mother.

And we just walk behind them because we know that we’re going to get something that we can eat off for that day when we see each one of these women that are pillars. Pillars to us. It’s such a joy and that’s the joy of being part of this virtual world.