What I Liked to Watch

Mar 9, 2020

I don’t like scary movies. Because they’re scary. I saw Friday the Thirteenth. I close my eyes. I’ll be a chicken. I just don’t like them. They frighten you, me anyway. I like the funny movies. Any kind, as long as it was funny. I’d watch them with my sisters and my brothers. There was nine of us. That’s not a few. We had a TV in our living room. I remember this favorite chair my father had. It was right by the window. We could all sit in it too. But that was during the day when he was at work.

We’d watch them pretty often. I loved the Honeymooners. I just like Ralph Kramden. He went on the singing show and Norton kept playing the song. The introduction part. And I think he had to name something. He said Ed Norton was the name of the song. I’ve been watching them for a long time now. I used to watch it with my family. The three stooges.  

I used to love Lassie. I like dogs. I liked Lassie because I love dogs. When I was young, I had two of them. They were white with brown spots. My dogs stayed out in the backyard. They weren’t allowed in the house. We’d walk the dogs. Their names were Pup and Spot.