Wondrous Nature

I would say the most wondrous thing that I’ve seen was when I first went to Niagara Falls. I went to Canada in the 60s. It was the first time I had ever seen so much water in one place. I was born in the city, concrete jungle, you know what I mean. So you didn’t see trees or grass or water or nothing like that. So when you got an opportunity to go away to see wide open spaces, mountains, water, mist…It was a spectacle.

So I remember going there… I got the trip as a graduation present when I graduated from High School. So it had to be 1967 I graduated from high school. And we went to Canada. I went to Niagara falls with some friends and family. On a bus, so it was a long bus ride. My first really long bus ride. From New York City it was about eight or 10 hours, something like that from New York. But you know, we stopped and had lunch along the way. And because you’re with friends and family and having fun on the bus, and telling jokes, and eating, snacking, so … Niagara Falls is very memorable. WE went on the Maid of the Mist, you know, the boat that goes under. And I have a picture, with the black hat and the rain coat. And even with all of the protective gear, we still got wet. But it was just amazing, Niagara Falls. Beautiful. You know, where does all this water come from? And where is it going? It just keeps going and going and going and doesn’t stop! It just keeps going and going. Where does it go? Where does it come from?

We were on the Canadian side, I believe. But you could just walk right up. It was my first time out of the country. I realized I was out of a country because we had to go through, you know, checkpoint, I guess it was. I felt like we were still in the United States, but we were in North America, but you were in another country. Road-tripping wasn’t too bad. I was young, I was a teenager. And now that I’m old, I’m doing it again. You know, taking long bus trips. Life goes on. It was nice, I enjoyed that trip. And I’ve been back to Niagara Falls several times since then. Each time it’s just amazing. The last time I went, I went during a holiday and they shine the lights on the fall, and they played like patriotic. It was just like another experience. But each time it was a different experience, but to me it’s still spectacular.