Work Life

Jan 23, 2020

I started out as a high school English teacher because that’s what I thought would be my profession. It’s always been in my heart no matter what I’ve done. I’ve always been mindful of that area, but I wanted to break out myself and to write as a creative writer. It was difficult to do because my mother was a best selling author and it made it harder for me. She was very supportive of me by not being overbearing and letting me go my own way and decide whether I really wanted to do it.

It took me about 10 years because there’s just a lot of research, more than I had ever imagined would be. So it was a good book and I wanted it to be a real book. I said, there’s no reason to do a book on being a writer unless you have something new to say and something distinct to say and I wanted it to be for the kids. You know, the kids, the grown kids and everybody in between. I’m not talking about my family particularly, just all families. I thought that every child should have an education. I had principles that I wanted to get out, but not in a marmy way. That’s why it took me a long time to put it together, but it came out and it too became a best seller. I was surprised at that because I wasn’t looking to best my mother or anything and she never would have, we were never competitive or combatively competitive.

I do not know where my last book is. There are books out there still apparently. Marriage from the Heart is still being sold in some places but I have no idea where and I don’t even know where.

I’ve always wondered where the money is. I got an advance and everything. I should have gotten royalties. I never, I was stupid. I really was not good about being an advocate for myself.

I had tried an agent in the beginning and there were things that, Marriage from the Heart was very popular actually. I was so into my own world of how important educational projects were, that I didn’t care if I got the money or not. It’s just the way I was, for better or for worse. It was for worse for me financially, I would have loved to come and apparently it went over to other countries too. I’m fine that I don’t have money from it, because I worked and I had other ways of…I really wanted to just write something that was distinct and unique and that people would really love and I know that all of that happened.

Okay. I’m hoping it’s out there still. In fact, somebody told me that it’s still in the New York public library and that you can get copies of it. So someday if one of you goes to get one, would you get an extra one for me?