Work Life

I did accounting most of my life and cost work. I worked for a lithographing firm. Cost work. Whatever occupation they were doing, you’ve got the time and the money spent on each job, and that’s cost work. It was very interesting. I worked for them for 10 years. Then I was home, I had my children. Then after 18 years, I went back to say hello, and they had a seat for me. So then I worked another 15 years in accounting. I lived in a small town, I live in Carle Place, and the lithograph firm, it was Consolidated Lithograph, they moved here years ago. I used to work for them in Brooklyn. Then we moved to Long Island, had my first child, so I stopped working. Then after 18 years I went back to say hello, and they put me to work immediately! I worked for them a total of 25 years.