Work Life

I sold real estate and I was very good at it. Because I left myself out of it and became the people. And so, and I would ask, you know, I could ask like three or four questions and realize what their life was about. Did they want to live near a school, did they want to live far from a school? Did they want an easy commute to work, did they want to live in the country. Did they want to have a very social neighborhood, did they want to live alone? And so by asking these things, you know, it would really narrow it down that I could show them like three houses and you know, and they would buy one. Because when we buy a house, we don’t really know what we’re going to see and we don’t know what’s going to be there and where we’re really going to live because, you know, you go on what’s available. So, yeah, I found out that if I stayed quiet and listen to them. It was amazing. Amazing. Most real estate agents they want to show their listings and they want to push their sales and then their friends sales and they don’t really listen to the people. And so, you know, it happens, so people were saying thank you thank you for making me happy. And then they were sending their friends. So after a while, I didn’t have to advertise anymore or do anything, people would call me. So it was well it was well worth it. And I loved it! I loved finding people a new home and to see them happy and and then, you know, often realtors give people presents, they would give me presents! It was like, this is wonderful! So it worked for me.

I started in New Jersey, where the homes were very expensive and my son graduated high school and I say, oh, you see this house, this paid for the front half of your car, you see this house this paid for the back half of your car. And then my husband got ill and we moved to Florida. So I said, I’ll never work here where the houses are so cheap, you know, I’ll never work here. And then he was sick and he said, you know, you should go back to work. So I went back to work in Florida and in Florida, you have to sell the whole neighborhood. But, you know, you get to know the neighborhoods. You get to know the people, and people come down and like they say, if you listen carefully, you see what they want to find in Florida, and you introduce them to it.

I must say over the years. I never sold my own property. Because I could not stand people coming in and say, “Oh, look at that little house or what is that furniture?” You know, so I always had to hire somebody else. I couldn’t stand people coming into my home and making comments, so it’s like, I never sold my own property. You know, some people their houses and clean. So this neighbor of mine, one time her husband came by to drop something off and he said “Oh, you’re cleaning the house, you never clean house.” I said, “I’m selling their house and I know what the people are going to look for. So I’m here scrubbing your sink and sweeping the floor because that’s what people want. But I’m not doing my own house, but I’m going to do yours because it’s my business. And it’s important to have a good presentation.”