Work Story

Feb 3, 2020

When I leave from the nursing career, I went to the longshoremen. Plus I had others that I apprenticed and what not. But there was an Italian there. He was the floor man. So he welcomed me in. There always was dirty windows, that was the job then. And he welcomed me in. He said, “You’re going to start today.”

I said “I get near at home, for closing.”

He said, “Well, promise me you’ll be there tomorrow.”

And then I met my boss. They was Jewish, not all the way Jewish, they was more modern to me.

I met them, the head one, the woman. She made a remark to the other ones and all, she said, “Now you see what I got now? I got somebody to boss you.” And I said, “Wait a minute. You are the boss. You the one doing the payroll. Everything we carry out all right.” The floor worker, the weaver, just about everything. The floor, way it goes, everything had to be checked. But on their minds what going to be done by the hour, not by the piecework. It was a factory. We were paid hourly.

Then I got in. It was like 37 hours a week.

I keep going to the office. And shift all the way around the floor. They have their holidays, but I let them rock. I would train. So one morning I came in, this girl was standing. I said, “You tell her that I said…” There’s two 8:00 shifts. So I told him to tell her that she don’t do enough work. I said this to this guy who spoke Thai. So he told her.

She said, “What’s the matter, you don’t like me?” I said, “It’s your conscience bothering you. Nobody’s going to get fired today”. You had to do the work fast. And then they had to go back to the high powers. And so, when the boss came in the morning, she come to me and I said, “I told her she wasn’t working fast enough and there’s nothing else I could do. You go ahead and tell her.”

She wasn’t working fast enough. She came 7:00, she’s supposed to meet the qualifications of it. Listen, when I come in eight, on the other shift I look, she don’t do nothing. So I told her, “Look you got to work a little faster, because when the boss come in here, the boss going to fire you, and nobody going to get fired today.”

I didn’t curse or nothing like that, because I knew, looking at her, she’s looking like she’s not used to that. But I didn’t curse her or nothing like that. So I said, “This is your conscience bothering you.”

And so, when the boss come in and looked, and she had to get somebody to help her out.