World Announcement

June 17, 2020

The thing I think that helped me when I actually spent time and acknowledge it, is to say that this too shall pass. And things do move forward. Things do get better. They don’t always get better in a linear fashion, but they just pass. And within that passage, there’s room for growth and room for learning.

You know, I’ve learned the one thing my mother always talked about. She was a survivor of Auschwitz. She was taken off the streets the second week of the war in February of 1939, and she was liberated in Germany from Rome on May 8th, 1945. By fire, war, in camp. And it was her belief and you know she had one word for it – and that was hope. That this too shall pass and that she’ll be there to talk about it.

And she was, and so she talked about it sometimes then with weight and sometimes not the most age appropriate way for her children, but it’s always given me some strength to think back on that. Wear a mask or starve for six years? I’ll wear a mask. Don’t go out for three months or be tortured? I won’t go out. This too shall pass. It might be a little later, but this too shall pass.

My mother talked about it a lot. My mother, you know, had a tattooed number that was very noticeable. My father didn’t talk about his experiences. And I learned a little bit about what happened to him during the war at his funeral, when these men I had never seen before came and eulogized him. And I remember sitting there going, my father did that? So, it was sad that in the end, we don’t really know much about my father.